Measure I Implementation Plan

Adopted June, 2014

At the June 24th Board of Education meeting, the Board approved an implementation plan which outlines how Measure I bond proceeds would be used. The implementation plan focuses on the classroom and responds to projected demographic growth at each school site. Every school site's most critical infrastructure (plumbing, mechanical & electrical) along with the repair or replacement  exterior doors, windows and roofs will be addressed. Power, data (technology) and communication systems will be upgraded. Finally, energy efficiency upgrades along with viability of site specific solar power installations will be done. Beyond everything just mentioned here are the specific school site improvements projected to be done:

Measure I School Site Improvements
School Projected 5 yr Growth Site Improvements
Bay Farm School 97 students New four classroom building
Earhart School 43 students New six classroom building, remove four portables
Edison School 24 students Comprehensive classrooms modernization, one new classroom
Franklin School 24 students One reconfigured science classroom, three new kindergarten classrooms, remove two modular and portable classrooms
Haight School 51 students Two new classrooms, reconfigure east wing into one new science classroom and four kindergarten classrooms
Lum School 103 students One new science classroom and three new kindergarten classrooms
Maya Lin School 41 students Modernize two existing kindergarten classrooms and comprehensive window replacement
Otis School 104 students Modernize two existing kindergarten classrooms, six new classrooms, remove two portables
Paden School -5 students Reconfigure one new science classroom, modernize existing classrooms
Ruby Bridges School -43 students Reconfigure on existing classroom into one science classroom
Woodstock School n/a (charter schools) Technology, communication & safety/security upgrades
Academy of Alameda n/a (charter school) Technology, communication & safety/security upgrades
Lincoln School -76 students Modernize one science classroom and one computer lab
Wood School 4 students STEAM (science, technology engineering art and math) building with three classrooms, remove portables
One High School 491 students To be determined if community discussion agrees on one high school otherwise:
Alameda High School 195 students Structural rehab of all Historic Alameda High School building
9 fully modernized science classrooms
Remove debris fence
Encinal High School 286 students Complete classroom reconfiguration of 100/200 wings
Build two new 2 story 400 classroom wings
Science classrooms modernization/reconfiguration
Modernize 600 wing, gym locker rooms, science/computer labs and restrooms


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