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BOE Meeting for April 8, 2008

1.) Employee(s) of the Month

Background: Each month the District honors employees who have demonstrated service above and beyond. This month the District recognized the 36 2007/08 Beginning Teacher Support Assistance Providers:

Rehema Allen Sandy Amstutz Barry Arbreton Dustin Askvik Terry Boomer
Kasey Brown Kate Crawford Mary Dierking Jill deHaan-Ingram Nancy DeRodeff
Michael Easterday Diane Edwards Terri Elkin Cindy Frankel Kristin Furuichi-Fong
Lisa Goodwin Andrea Hardman Amy Harriman Katy Kelly Diana Kenney
Allison Lee Madelyn Merola John Muller Teri Olsen Sharon O’Neil
Mary Otieku Nancy Sabbatini Robin Sarvey Dan Salsbury Kathy Servello
Bernice Smith Gwen Stephens Danielle Ullendorff James Venable Dawna Watty
Sandy Wong . . . .

Fiscal Implications: None

Superintendent Goal: Goal #4 Recruit and retain highly qualifed staff.

2.) K-12 Restructuring Task Force Update

Background: The Board of Education requested an opportunity to discuss the K-12 Restructuring Task Force.

The Supetinendent indicated she was reexamining the task force. The Board provided their input.

Superintendent Goal: Goal #2 Align the spending plan.

3.) Government Accounting Standards Board Statement 45 (GASB 45) Providing Other Post Employment Benefits (OPEB)

Background: Staff made a presentation on the future fiscal impact of having to fund Other Post Employment Benefits required by GASB 45. The acturial study shows the District is facing a liability between $8,000,000 and $12,000,000.

Fiscal Implications: Funding the liability will cost approximately $150,000 annually.

Superintendent Goal: Goal #2 Align the spending plan.

4.) Technology Implementation Plan Update

Background: AUSD updated and completed the Education Technology Plan for 2007-2010. Staff present a progress report that can be used as a guide for technology-related decision making and an instrument to monitor and evaluate progress.

5.) Approval of Annual California Information System (CSIS) Report

Background: Staff presented the annual demographic data for the school district.



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