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BOE Meeting for May 22, 2007

1.) Report from the Alameda County Office of Education of Fiscal Oversight Responsibility

Background: The Alameda County Office of Education has specific authority and fiscal oversight responsibilities over Alameda Unified School District as stipulated by AB1200 and AB2756 (impacts of AB2756 on collective bargaining). The Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent of Fiscal Services from the County outlined the obligations of the County in reviewing school's districts budgets and reviewed the Fiscal Crisis Management Assistance Team (FCMAT) predictors of school agencies needing intervention.

In May, 2005, the Associate Superintendent for Fiscal Services from Alameda County Office of Education made a similar presentation to the Board. She confirmed that fact if AUSD submits a 2005/06 budget where the reserves are below 3%, the County is obligated to disapprove the budget. At that point, the County would work with the District to develop a fiscal recovery plan and appoint a fiscal advisor to oversee the recovery plan. (See Grand Jury Report as to why Alameda County Office of Education is under pressure to require tighter fiscal oversight.)

Strategic Significance: Goal #12 Communication and Community Engagement

2. Third Interim Report

Background: Pursant to Education Code 42130 & 42131, the governing board of a school district that submits a negative or qualified report, shall provide financial statement projections for the period ending April 30. The financial statements are referred to as the Third Interim Report.

In February, 2007, the Board voted 3-2 to approve 2007/08 budget reductions of $1.4 million. .

In prior years, Alameda Unified School District has made budget reductions in 2001 ($1.6 million) 2003 ($1.7 million), 2005 ($1.6 million) and 2006 ($800,000).

The Board approved the Third Interim Report.

The Board approved the Third Interim report.

Strategic Significance: Goal #1-12

3. Public Appointment of Director of Curriculum K-12

Background: The Superintendent presented Wendy Ponder for the postion. She is from San Leandro Unified School Distrcit and brings 18 years of public education experience to Alameda.

Strategic Significance: Goal #3 Staff Recruitment, Assignment, Retention

4. Public Appointment of Director of English Language Development and Categorical Programs

Background: The Superintendent Suzanne Bryant for the postion.

Fiscal Implications: $90,000 savings

Strategic Significance: Goal #3 Staff Recruitment, Assignment, Retention

5. Public Appointment of Director of Regional Occupation Programs / Alameda Science & Technology Institute (ASTI) Post Secondary Options

Background: The Superintendent presented Sean McPhetridge for the postion.

Strategic Significance: Goal #3 Staff Recruitment, Assignment, Retention

6. Chipman School Assisted Intervention Team (SAIT) Report

Background: The Immediate Intervention/Underperforming Schools Program (II/USP) was established in 1999. Schools that scored below the 50th percentile on the achievement tests both in the spring of 1998 and in the spring of 1999 were invited to participate in the Immediate Intervention/Underperforming Schools Program. Chipman Middle School agreed to participate in the program.

Schools participating in the II/USP Program needed to make positive growth on the Schoolwide Academic Performance Index (API) in either of the two funded implementation years and each year thereafter until the school exits the program, or the school is deemed state-monitored. In Chipman's case, starting 2001 with an API score of 614, they grew 28 API points until 2004 when they experienced a 2 point drop in API. Education Code sections 52055.5 and 52055.51 require the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, with the approval of the State Board of Education, to impose various sanctions on state-monitored schools. One option is to require the district to enter into a contract with a SAIT.

The purpose of a SAIT is to investigate and provide intensive support and monitoring to assist state-monitored schools in improving student learning. The SAIT team first visited Chipman Middle School in November, 2005. Chipman completed the first year of the SAIT process with a satisifactory review and increases in the API.

The SAIT team made their fifth presentation on the progress of Chipman.

Strategic Significance: Goal #5 At Risk Students

7. Resolution No. 07-4103 Fix the No Child Left Behind Act

California School Board Association has developed a resolution to ask Congress to "fix" the No Child Left Behind Act.

The Board passed the resolution.

Fiscal Implications: None

Staff Recommendation: Approve

Strategic Significance: Goals #12 Communications and Community Engagement

8. Governor's May Revise Budget Report

Governor Schwarzenegger released his May Revise budget proposal for 2007-08 fiscal year.

Staff provided a report on the May Revise as it relates to Alameda Unified School District. CBSA provide their analysis of the May Revise.

Strategic Significance: Goal #1-12 Strategic Plan

9. Budget Development Building Blocks

Staff presented basic budget information regarding major assumptions used in the budget and an overview of the budget development and management process.

Strategic Significance: Goal #1-12

10. Approval of Board Policy 1330: Use of School Facilities - Approval of Facility Use Fees

The Board approved certain measures when they approved $1,400,000 in spending reductions in February, 2007. One of those measures was to increase revenue from leases and facility rental by $40,000. The revied policy directs district staff to charge all users except "school-related organizations whose activities are directly related to or for the benefit of district schools.

While the rates charged for facility used are not changing, the classification of groups who will be charged is being recommended. As a result, a number of non-profit organizations (Group 2) including youth sponsored athletic groups and community organizations will now be subject to paying for facility usage.

Here is the definitions of groups under the policy:

Group 1

School activities generated by School District personnel or volunteers for purposes directly related to the education and enrichment of School District students, as directed or approved by the School Board or District Office administration, and/or for the purpose of employee gatherings related to the operation of the District. Users in this classification include:

  • School employees in the performance of their duties
  • PTA and other school-associated parent/teacher/student associations
  • Student Body clubs
  • Booster clubs

Group 2

Direct cost rent is defined as an estimate of those costs of supplies, utilities, custodial services, building maintenance, services of any other District employees, and salaries paid to School District employees as a result of the organization’s use of the school facilities and grounds of the District. Users in this classification include:

  • Civic and service groups (e.g. Rotary, Chamber of Commerce, League of Women Voters) whose purpose, through the use of school facilities, is to improve the general welfare of the community, and whose net receipts are expended for welfare of the youth or other charitable purposes (e.g. scout troops, supervised recreational activities, religious organizations or churches, local governmental agencies, city and/or county services).
  • Conduct of religious services for temporary periods, on a one-time or renewable basis, by any church or religious organization which has no suitable meeting place for the conduct of services while meeting.

Group 3

Fair market rent represents a rate for commercial activity, regardless of where profit is generated within the organization.

  • This fee structure may apply even to “nonprofit” organizations where organizers, activity supervisors, coaches, etc., draw salary from the activity or organization, and participation fees are received from students or adults.
  • Rental where admission or participation fees are charged, or contributions are solicited and the net receipts are not expended for the welfare of the pupils of the District or for charitable purposes.
  • Rentals which are not directly beneficial to youth, public school activities of the District, or general welfare of the community.
. Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
. Group 1 no charges $ per hour $ per hour
Regular Classroom . $8.00 $30.00
Faculty Room . $8.00 $20.00
Choral Rm, Band Rm, or Library . $10.00 $28.00
Multipurpose or Cafeteria . $13.00 $30.00
Kitchen (no use of appliances) . $13.00 $30.00
Kitchen (use of appliances) . will be billed by Food Services
Little Theater . $20.00 $50.00
Middle School Gymnasium . $18.00 $45.00
High School Gymnasium . $30.00 $70.00
Parking Lot . $3.00 $12.00
Tennis Courts . $3.00 $12.00
Swimming Pool . $30.00 $70.00
Baseball Field . $5.00 $20.00
Softball Field . $4.00 $15.00
Soccer Field . $10.00 $25.00
Football Field . $15.00 $30.00
. . . .
Non-Custodial Cost $0.00. $2.25 $2.25
Custodial Cost –
When a custodian is on duty
$0.00 $0.00 $33.00
When a custodian is not on duty (overtime) $46.00 $46.00 $46.00
Sunday & Holiday overtime $60.00. $60.00 $60.00

The Board approved the revised policy.

Fiscal Implications: Undetermined, based on usage

Staff Recommendation: Receive

Strategic Significance: Goal #10 Safe Learning Environment

11. Approval of Declaration of Need for Fully Qualified Educators

It is the recommendation of the Administration that the Board of Education declare taht there maybe an insufficient number of certificated psersons who meet the specified employment criteria.

Strategic Significance: Goal #3 Staff Recruitment, Assignment, Retention

12. PUBLIC HEARING: Approval of Five Year Deferred Maintenance Plan

The Deferred Maintenance Plan is a State program that provides a 50/50 annual match of up to 1/2 of 1% of the District's General Fund budget. Changes to the Five Year Plan need to be approved by the Board.

The Board approved the plan.

Strategic Significance: Goal #10 Safe Schools



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