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BOE Meeting for June 13, 2006

1. Employee of the Month

Background: Each month Alameda Unified School District recognizes an outstanding employee. This month we recognize Robert Sinuhe, Subsitute Teacher.

Strategic Significance: Goal #12 - Communications and Community Engagement

2. Report on Paden's Earth Day Every Day" Grand Prize Trip to Long Beach Aquarium

Background: Marcia Gill's third grade class at Paden Elementary School won the Grand Prize in ANG Newspaper's "Earth Day Every Day" contest. The student were flown to Long Beach to Long Beach Aguarium, couresy of Jet Blue.

Strategic Significance: Goal #12 - Communications and Community Engagement

3. Public Appointment of Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services

Background: The interim Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services will end at the end of 2005/06 school year. The Superintendent will presented Debbie Wong, former Director of Educational Services in San Leandro to the Board at the meeting.

Debbie Wong was appointed to the position.

Strategic Significance: Goal #3 Staff Recruitment, Assignment and Retention

4. Public Appointment of Vice Principal, Chipman Middle School

Background: The former vice Principal resigned in October, 2005 and was replaced by an acting vice-principal for the reminder of the school year.

Kathy Love was appointed to the position.

Strategic Significance: Goal #3 Staff Recruitment, Assignment and Retention

5. Revised District Wellness Policy

Background: The federal Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act of 2004 includes a provision requiring all school districts participating in any federally funded child nutrition program to establish a locally developed policy by June 30, 2006 for implementation by the beginning of the 2006-07 school year.

The school district policies must address:

  • goals for nutrition education
  • goals for physical activity
  • nutrition guidelines for all foods available at school
  • goals for other school-based activities designed to promote student wellness
  • assurances that school meals guidelines are not less restrictive than federal requirements
  • plans for evaluating implementation of the policy

The development of the local school wellness policies must involve:

  • parents
  • students
  • school food service staff
  • the school board
  • school administrators
  • the public

The committee revised AUSD's Wellness Policy will be presented at the Board meeting.

Calories In, Calories Out: Food and Exercise in Public Elementary Schools, 2005, a National Center for Education Statistics report.

The Board approved the policy.

Fiscal Implications: Unknown.

Strategic Significance: Goal #1 Curricular Coherence and Effective Practices Goal #10 Safe Schools and Goal #12 Communication and Community Engagement

6. Alameda Family Services School-Based Health Centers Annual Report

Background: School-Based Health Centers formerly known as Tri-High Xanthos) utilize a mulitdiscplinary approach to health care. The two centers are located at Alameda and Encinal High School but also Island High and BASE students.

26% of the students are registered users of services at the centers. 77% are female. 28% are uninsured. 56% visited three or more times. There 977 medical related visits and 775 mental health visits.

Fiscal Implications: None

Staff Recommendation: Receive

Strategic Significance: Goal #9 - Student Involvement and Engagement

7. CAHSEE Graduate Report

Background: A total of 67 AUSD high school seniors have not passed the California High Schoool Exit Exam.

Of those 67 seniors, 23 are Special Education students who qualify under SB517 for a waiver that will allow them to receive a diploma should they meet all other AUSD graduation requirements.

Of the 44 remaining students, 23 are English Langauge Learners.

Of those same 44 students, 20 are not on track to graduate in June because of significant credit deficiencies. Another 11 of those 44 students are "borderline" and their graduation status will depend on completion of units, meeting minimal GPA requirements and completing AUSD graduation requirements (including their completion of Community Service Hours, Senior Project Portfolio, etc). 13 of those 44 are on track to graduate.

Strategic Significance: Goal #5 At-Risk Students

8. English Language Department (ELD) R-30 Report

Background: Annually in March, school districts are required to collect the number of English Language Learners in their districts and submit a report known as the Language Census (R-30).

After completing a Home Language Survey indicating what is the primary language spoken in the home, an assessment is given when a non-English language is spoken.

Annual assessment given in 2005/06 school year stand at 2,485 with 2,145 designated as English Language Learners. The primary languages are Cantonese (643) Spanish (420) Vietnamese (224) Pilipino (Tagalog) (242) Korean (103) and Farsi (109) and Mamdarin (66). There are an additional thirteen languages with 10 more students.

A report compiled shows the number of students by country of origin if they moved to the United States within the last three years. As of March 1, 2006 there 493 identified students from sixty (60) countries. There has been a steady decline in the number of students over the past ten years. In 1994 there 1,248 students identified.

Strategic Significance: Goal #7: Limited English Proficient Students

9. May Revise Budget Report

Background: Staff presented a report on the Governor's May Revise.

Fiscal Implications: Unknown at this time.

Strategic Significance: All.

10. Public Hearing: Approval of Deferred Maintenance Plan

Background: The Deferred Maintenance Plan is a State program that provides a 50/50 annual match of up to 1/2 of 1% of the District's General Fund budget. Changes to the Five Year Plan need to be approved by the Board.

The Board approved the plan.

Strategic Significance: #10 Safe Learning Environment

11. Construcution Update


Phase 1

New School

    Building A (Administration) and Building B (Multi Use) is currently a week behind due to a material arrival problem. Catching up will occur as materials arrive using overtime and Saturdays.

    Classrooms are on schedule.

    Alameda Park and Recreation has bid the park portion of the project for completion in conjunction with the school opening. Community building has been postponed.

Phase 2

Miller, Lincoln, Alameda High School, Earhart, Haight

    Lincoln Two Story has been occupied. This is allowing upgrade of other classrooms in main building. Science Wing, Pod 3, Pod 4 and Media Center will be completed in summer.

    Earhart - Building 2 has been completed and reoccupied. Building 3 has also been completed and occupied. Kindergarten, Media Center and Multi Use room will be completed during the summer.

    Haight is under contract and will start as soon as possible.

    Alameda High School will have the Media Center, Office area, Clinic and six English classrooms under construction this summer.

    Miller will have the Media Center and all classrooms worked on this summer. Multi Use romm and portables will be done next summer due to the need for storage space for movement to the new school.

Phase 3

Paden, Otis, Edison, Washington and Lum

    Drawings have been revised due to changes in budget. Projects will bid in September.

Strategic Significance: #10 Safe Learning Environment



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