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Recap for June 23 BOE Meeting

School District Formal Agenda - PDF Version including Consent Items

1.) Interdistrict Open Enrollment  Interpretation of Policy

Background: Board Policy 5116.1 creates enrollment options that meet the diverse needs and interest of district students, including those enrolling in schools outside their attendance zones. The associated administrative regulation allow for the diversion of students from their school when the school is at capacity. Current practice interprets that regulation to allow students that are diverted to a school outside their attendance zone to return to their home school if space becomes available. Administrative regulation are not explicit on how long students diverted from their home schools can remain in the new school of attendance.

The purpose of this information is to get direction from the Board to assist staff so they can clarify language in the administrative regulation, as they revise it this summer in preparation for 2009/10 school year.

Board Policy 5116.1

  • Additional admission priorities may be established for intradsitrict enrollement request
  • No student currently residing with a school's attendance area shall be displaced by another student  transferring from outside the attendance area (CSBA language)

Current Practices

  • Diverted students amy return to their home schools if space is available
    • Wait lists are kept to determine the order of return

If diverted students do not choose to return to their home school they:

  • Stay at the diverted school on a space available basis for the first two years
  • Remain at the diverted school through the highest grade level, after the school year

Out of Zone Enrollment Statistics

590 AUSD students attend school outside their home school attendance boundaries

Elementary 450 students Secondary 140 students 

Elementary Redirects - 05-06 72 students 06-07 81 students 07/08 77 students 08/09 104 students

Reasons students do not attend their home school

  • Redirected (no space at home school)
  • Parental request
  • Guidance placement
  • Program Improvement School Choice
  • Special Education Placement
  • English Language Development Placement

Board directed staff to develop administrative regulations where priority is given to students who are diverted and have been at school for two years.

Fiscal Implications: None

2.) Measure C Citizens Bond Oversight Committee Report Update

Background:  The Measure C Oversight Commitee gave their annual report.

Fiscal Implications: None.

3.) Modernization/Construction Update - Measure C Expenditures

Background:   Staff presented the status report on the Measure C construction projects. Phase 4 & 5 projects will be completed by the Fall with a final report in eaerly 2010.

Fiscal Implications: None

4.) Public Hearing: Proposed Budget & Categorical Flexibility for 2009/10

Background:  With the adoption of the State budget for 2008/09 and 2009/10 in February, 2009, the Legislature included language which allows local school districts to spend restricted funds in more flexible way. In order for a school district to use this flexibility, the school board must conduct a public hearing declaring its intent use restricted funds in a flexible way.  The purpose of the item is to conduct the public hearing so AUSD can use restricted funds in a flexible way. 

The public hearing was held.

Fiscal Implications: None

5.) Approval of Resolution No.09-0047 to Adopt Proposed Budget and Make Appropriations and Adopt the Standards and Criteria for the Fiscal Year 2009/10

Background:  The Board approved the 2009/10 budget

Fiscal Implications: None

6.) Facility Usage Fees and Board of Education Policy Recommendation Update

Background:  Staff is recommending an extension of 50% fee waiver for groups that provide supervised youth recreational activities. The Board approved the recommendation. 

Fiscal Implications: $42,000 in fees would be waived that would go to fund 40 Maintenance.