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BOE Meeting for September 8 BOE Meeting

School District Formal Agenda - PDF Version including Consent Items

1.) Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) Report

Background: Initial data for 2008/09 Standardized Testing and Reporting was shared. A full report will be presented after the State releases all of the data. The initial focus will be on Algebra I test results. 

Fiscal Implications: None

2.) First Week of School Enrollment Status Report

Background: Day 5 enrollment data was presented. Initial numbers show a decline of 120 students compared to last year. As Day 5 2009/10 enrollement is a total of 9,441 compared 9,561 in 2008/09. .

Fiscal Implications: None.

3.) Report of the State's Budget Impact on AUSD (45 Day Review)

Background:  On July 28, 2009 the Governor signed a new 2009/10 budget replacing the 2009/10 budget passed in February, 2009. The new budget lowered the AUSD revenues by an additional $2 million for 2009/10 .

Fiscal Implications: None

4.) Master Plan Update Based on Directional Feedback from Board of Education 

Background:  Three board workshops: 1.) Can AUSD live on State funding alone? 2.) What would a district of charter schools look like? and 3.) How do we define and provide for a quality education in light of the funding challenges we face?  have been conducted for the Master Plan process that started in March, 2009. With initial direction from the Board at the August 18 workshop, Superintendent Vital  recapped the feedback received and summarized next steps at the August 25 BOE meeting. The Superintendent will present a Master Plan Strategies Update for approval from the Board. The Board approved the strategies.

Fiscal Implications: None