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Recap for September 28 BOE Meeting

School District Formal Agenda - PDF Version including Consent Items

1.) Student Board Member Installation

Background: Student board member were installed.

  • Alameda High School - Ryan Hunter
  • Alameda Science Technology Institute - Elizabeth Dietz
  • Encinal High School - Bhaani Singh
  • Island High School Chad Abarca

Fiscal Implications: None.

2.) Employees of the Month

Background:  This month we recognized the custodians at our Go Green Schools.

  • Frank Munoz, Bay Farm Elementary
  • Efren Estanque, Edison Elementary
  • Jessie Tolentino, Franklin Elementary
  • Romeo Lopez, Paden Elementary
  • Paul Parker, Wood Middle School
  • Andrew Lockwood, Haight Elementary 

Fiscal Implications: None

3.) Proclamation: Disability Employment Awareness Month

Background: Every October we are asked to observe National Disability Employment Awareness Month.

Fiscal Implications: None

4.)  Alameda Youth Commission Presentation

Background: The Youth Commission provided a brief overview of the Youth Commission and their 2010 activities.

Fiscal Implications: .

5.) Proclamation: Walk & Roll to School Day - October 6, 2010

Background: October 6, 2010 is Walk & Roll Day to School Day.

Fiscal Implications: .

6.) Recognition of Teacher of the Year - John Nolan, Island High School and Finalists

Background: John, Nolan, English Teacher at Island High School was recognized as Teacher of the Year. The finalists were: Mary Baker-Hendy, Resource Specialist, Paden Elementary, Zoe Boese, Third Grade Teacher, Edison Elementary, and Joslyn Olsen, Science Teacher, Lincoln Middle School.

Fiscal Implications: .

7.) Update on the Closure of the Toddler and School-Aged Programs at Woodstock Child Development Center

Background: Staff provided an update on budget funding for the Toddler and School Aged Programs at Woodstock Child Development Center. The City is attempting to use Community Block Grant monies to keep the program running. There will be a special meeting on October 6 to make a final decision.

Fiscal Implications: Approximately $800,000 if the State does not include funding in the 2010/11 budget.

8.) Approval of Rescission of Layoffs of Woodstock Child Development Center (WCDC) Certificated Staff from Board Resolution 10-0092 and Classified Staff from Board Resolution 10-0093

Background: The Director and Office Manager layoffs were rescinded.

Fiscal Implications: Director position will be funded from grants and Office Manager position will cost $34,000.

9.) Resolution 10-0099 To Fully Fund State Unfunded Toddler and School-aged Programs at Woodstock Child Development Center (WCDC) for $800,000 Out of the General Fund Balance

Background: The Board of Education must decide whether or not to decide to fund school-age and toddler programs at cost of approximately $800,000. The decision was tabled until the October 6 Special meeting.

Fiscal Implications: Potentially $800,000.

10.) Approval of Resolution 10-0098 Intent to Layoff/Reduce Classified Employees

Background:  A Food Services Assistant, Helath Office Assistant, and WCDC paraprofessional were eliminated or reduced.

Fiscal Implications: $72,000 savings

11.) First 20 Days of School Enrollment Report

Background:  A report on 20 day enrollment recap was presented.

Fiscal Implications: None

12.) Review List of Preliminary Strategic Budget Reductions

Background:  Staff identified programs and associated costs that could be reduced or eliminated.

Fiscal Implications: None

13.) Recommendation Regarding Miller Site (Island High School and Woodstock Child Development Center)

Background:  Staff  presented a review of the costs associated of continuning to use the two sites on Singleton. They are recommending moving the two programs off the sites. Staff will follow up a timeline of activities that need to place to relocate the two programs.

Fiscal Implications: Up to $350,000 in Capital Improvements.

14.) Approval of Board Policy 6158 - Independent Study

Background:  A Board subcommittee review policies for needs for updates. The Committee recommended a change to Board policy 6158.

Fiscal Implications: None

15.) Approval of Board Policy 9270 - Conflict of Interest

Background: A Board subcommittee review policies for needs for updates. The Committee recommended a change to Board policy 9270.

Fiscal Implications: None

16.) Approval of Board Policy 9324 - Minutes and Recordings

Background:  A Board subcommittee review policies for needs for updates. The Committee is recommending no change to Board policy 9324.

Fiscal Implications: None

17.) Approval of Resolution No. 10-0100 - Intent to Dismiss Certificated Preschool Employees Due to Decreased Enrollment for the 2010/11 School Year

Background:  Due to lower enrollment, preschool teaching services are not needed.

Fiscal Implications: $62,000