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2003/04 AUSD Calendar Calendar Development

In December,2002 after negotiations with the Alameda Education Assocation (AEA) the first tentative calendar was presented to Board of Education. The AEA membership voted not to ratify the first tentative calendar and negotiations started anew. After two negotiation sessions, the second tentative calendar. AEA memberhship voted to ratify the second tentative calendar. The second tentative calendar was presented to Board of Education on February 25.

On Tuesday, 2/25, the Board of Education took no action on the second tentative calendar when a motion to approve the calendar died for a lack of a second.

On March 3, 2003, the California Teachers Association (CTA) Regional Resource Consultant (AEA state wide union) sent a letter to Alameda Board of Education indicating that she asked their CTA Legal Department to begin paperwork on an Unfair Labor Practice.

The second tentative calendar was not approved at the March 11th Board meeting. The Board on a 4-1 vote directed the District negotiation team to approach the teacher's union to try again with the stipulation that the Fall Break in the last week of October be moved.

AEA agreed to negotiations and if both sides could agree on a new calendar, the teacher's union would get to vote again. Informally, a union representative indicated that it would take approximately five days to ratify any new agreement, though it is unclear whether that was possible.

In order to begin class scheduling, the District student information system needed the start of the new school year entered. District officials indicated that March 26th was when they need to enter this information.

If negotiations with the teacher's union were not successful or if the ratification of any new agreement was delayed, the District would have ended up using 2002/03 calendar. The first student day would have been August 21, 2003 and the last student day would have been June 11, 2004.

Discussions started on March 12 with AEA working on finding a time its team could meet with the District. After finding substitutes, the union agreed to meet with the District on March 24th from 9am to 12 noon.

On March 24th both parties could not agree on a new calendar.

At the March 25th Board meeting, the Board passed the second tentative calendar.

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Last modified: March 25, 2003

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