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June 15, 2005



Members present:                                                                   Members Absent:

Daniel Aljoe                    - Community At-Large                        None

Judge Richard Bartalini - Business Organization

David Kirwin                   - Parent Member

Michael Lane                   - Community At-Large

John McCormick             - Parent Member

Dick Rudloff                    - Senior Citizen Group

Basil Shiber                     - Taxpayer Organization


District Staff present:  Lorenzo Legaspi, Bob Deluca, Patrick Russell



Call to Order/Roll Call

The meeting was called to order by Judge Richard Bartalini, Chairman at 5:33 PM

at the Alameda Unified School District Office.  Roll Call indicated a quorum was present.


Adoption of Agenda

The members adopted the agenda.


Approval of Minutes

The members approved the minutes of the February 16, 2005 meeting as submitted.


Staff Reports

Bob DeLuca distributed a handout, Account Summary Break Report (year-to-date accounting of expenditures by site), which is an update of the report submitted to the committee at its last meeting.  $5M has been spent.  Bob explained these expenses have been paid with Measure C bond funds as no State monies have yet been received.  The District is applying for the maximum of State funding available; $21M is available to AUSD because of Measure C passage.  Bob reiterated that Measure C is the matching money for the projects.  Only the projects listed in the Measure C ballot will receive bond monies.


Discussion followed regarding if the various funding sources for the projects can be separated out.  Bob explained that for each expenditure the various funding sources will be identified by a separate account number.  For example, AHS modernization will have various funding sources:  of the $8M total , $2M will be funded by Measure C and $6M will be state funding and some Deferred Maintenance funding would also be available for that project.  Bob stated that actual dollar allocations for the projects were not in the Measure C ballot language, only the types of projects.

The calculation for each site’s allocation is determined by per pupil count. 



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Bob distributed a handout, Construction Update, which gives a narrative of the three phases currently in progress: Phase I-New School:  The groundbreaking ceremony was May 20th.  Site work will begin June 13th with an estimated completion by September 30th.  August is the estimated bid date for Vertical Construction.  Phase II-Miller,Lincoln, AHS, Earhart, Haight:  Lincoln/Earhart and Lincoln 2-story construction will begin June 20th; AHS/Miller received bids significantly over budget and after review for scope and clarification will be rebid for a construction start date in September; Haight to be bid this summer also with a construction start date in September.  Phase III-Paden,Otis,Edison,Washington,Lum:  Scope of projects are being reviewed. 


The Facilities Master Plan was reviewed and approved at the May 24, 2005 board meeting and included:  1) Construction of a new 600 student school, 2-3) relocation of Woodstock and Miller Elementary students to the new school, 4) temporary relocation of district office to Miller in fall of 2006-07, 5) relocation of Island High students to Woodstock, 6) development of Island High site for employee or other type of housing,  and, 7) consolidation at one site yet to be determined of the corporate yard, warehouse, and various site kitchens to one central kitchen.


Patrick Russell distributed the color-coded handout of technology projects that was presented at the committee’s last meeting, stating that new projects will be starting this summer and he will provide an update at the next meeting.  The next phase of expenditures include phone system replacement, workgroup switch replacement, MAN connectivity, wiring closet upgrade, and computer operating system upgrade.  These costs are all capital expenses, no consulting, administrative, or operating expenditures will be charged against the Measure C funding.  He explained that the costs are not discrete but part of the network.  The system costs are arbitrarily set by site for bookkeeping purposes, i.e by number of students/employees.  


Patrick stated currently the communication system varies from site to site.  System change will have everyone in the District on the same system while at the same time reduce operating costs and include more options such as, one place to check all new messages; internal conference calls by site without any outside charges; point of sale food services.


The current $5.6M allocation will have to be reduced.  A decision will be made next year to decide what projects will be completed with remaining funding.  The AUSD system must have a reliable infrastructure and may have to scale back on applications for now and look to future funding for the applications as they evolve.   


Other Business

Lorenzo reported that the balance of the Measure C bond, Series B of $22M, will be issued by June 30th.  There will be a report of the Committee at the next board meeting on June 28th which will be presented by Judge Bartalini.  A handout was distributed containing the dates of the committee meetings for the 2005-06 fiscal year.  Member terms of office for David Kirwin, John McCormick, and Dick Rudloff have expired and new applications will be offered.


The meeting adjourned at 7:03 PM.




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