2012 School Parcel Tax Preview

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During 2011 there were 27 school parcel taxes with eighteen measures passing and nine measures failing. Of the 18 successful measures, two were first time measures, seven measures were renewal of a past parcel tax at the same amount and nine measures extended a parcel tax at a higher amount. The overall passage of 67% is higher than the historical 54% , primarily due to number of renewing parcel taxes.

In 2012, there are 15 school district parcel tax elections to be held through the June 2012 primary.   School districts will have until early August to place a parcel tax on a November ballot.

March Elections (2)

Davis voters to replace two existing parcel taxes set to expire in June with a $320 new parcel tax that expires in five years. On March 13, Aracadia voters approved a $228 per parcel tax for five years. This was Aracadia Unified first attempt at passing a parcel tax.

April Election (1)

Brisbane voters will be asked to approve an additional $156 annual parcel tax which would last for six years. In March, 2011 Brisbane voters approved a $119/parcel. The total parcel tax, then, if approved, will be $275/parcel.

May Elections (3)

Santa Clara Unified is seeking $48/parcel for five years. Saratoga Union School District is looking for $68/parcel for eight years. Moraga School District is seeking a $225 annual parcel tax. This will be in addition to an existing parcel tax of $325/year. The new tax will last indefinitely; that is, it does not have a built-in sunset.

June Elections (9)

  • Cotati-Rohnert Park Unified – $89/parcel 5 years – new
  • Jefferson Union High School – $48/parcel 4 years – third try in last two years
  • Hayward Unified – $58/parcel 5 years – new
  • New Haven Unified – $180/parcel 4 years – failed in 2011
  • Redwood City Elementary – $67/parcel 5 years – failed in 2009
  • Ross Valley School District – $458/parcel 8 years – replaces $309/parcel expiring in 2014
  • Santa Barbara Unified – $54/parcel 4 years – replaces $50/parcel expiring in 2013
  • Santa Cruz City Schools – $123/parcel 8 years – replaces $98/parcel expiring in 2013
  • Scotts Valley School Districts – $48/parcel 3 years – new
  • West Contra Costa Unified – 10.2 cents sq ft 5 years – replaces 7.2 cents sq ft expiring in 2014[subscribe2]


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  1. Hiram Jackson on Wed, 28th Mar 2012 5:45 pm
  2. Here’s a district that has chosen to run a school parcel tax election that is not on your list:


  3. Hiram Jackson on Wed, 28th Mar 2012 6:13 pm
  4. Nevermind. I see you have it. New Haven Unified.

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