Decision Time

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Starting at the May 13th BOE meetng with a workshop on May 20th and finally at the May 27th BOE meeting, the Board is being asked to decide how address the $575+ million long term vision (Executive Summary) for all our schools. This long term vision identifies improvements that would ensure the comfort and safety of students and staff, support the district’s educational programs an fulfill the needs of each school community.

The challenge for the Board is take this long term vision document and prioritize projects to match the current ability of the District to use bond monies. $180 million is the maximum amount of bond monies that can be raised with a $60/$100,000 of assessed value.

So here is your chance to be a Board member. Complete the following this survey where you can weigh the many options facing the Board.




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  1. jason bates on Mon, 12th May 2014 6:01 pm
  2. schools in alameda are in dire need of repair. we even have a school we built a giant fence around instead of attacking the problem head on. it’s time we face the facts and build a better learning environment for our future generation. look around, school districts all around the state are selling bonds. 2006 totaled $10 bil., 2012 totaled $12 bil. this is how we upgrade our schools now.

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