May 3 School Parcel Tax Results

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Overall nine school districts won their parcel tax election and four school districts lost. Of the nine winning school districts, seven districts either renewed or passed an additional parcel tax measure. Of the four losing districts, three school districts have lose more than once.

Alameda County

New Haven Unified – $180 for 4 years
With 65.7% Yes, New Haven voters narrowly defeated the $3 million measure. This was the first parcel tax measure for New Haven.

Pleasanton – $98 for 4 years
With 65.2% Yes, Pleasanton voters defeated the second measure in less 24 months. The first measure was set at $233 in 2009 and garnered 62.7% Yes.

Contra Costa County

John Swett – $60 per parcel and .0085 cents/parcel square foot for 4 years
With 59.2% Yes, this is the sixth loss for John Swett school district. With organized opposition it was an uphill battle for the school district.

Lafayette Elementary – $176 for 4 years
With 74.3% yes, Lafayette votes will pay a total of $489 per year for school parcel taxes.

Marin County

Dixie School District – $352 for 8 years
With 80.2% Yes, Dixie is six for six in parcel tax elections. This measure takes the existing measure of $245 that was set to expire in 2012 and added $107 to raise the parcel amount to $352.

San Mateo County

Jefferson Union High- $95 for 4 years
With 59.5% Yes, Jefferson Union suffered its second loss in seven months. In November, 2010, the first measure received 65.8% Yes.

Ravenswood City Elementary- $98 for 7 years
With 68.5% Yes, Ravenswood got a double dose of good news. The existing measure of $98 set to expire in 2013 was extended to 2018 along the additional $98 measure that passed.

San Carlos Elementary- $110.60 for 8 years
The existing measure that set to expire this year was passed with 81.1% Yes.

Santa Clara County

Cupertino Union – $125 per parcel for 6 years
With 69.9% Yes, Cupertino voters will double the amount they pay for parcel taxes.

Los Altos School District – $193 for 6 years
With 67.3% Yes Los Altos voters approved the parcel tax measure.

Los Gatos-Saratoga Joint Union High – $49 for 6 years
With 72.6% Yes in Santa Clara county and 64.1% Yes in Santa Cruz and overall 72.0% Yes, Los Gatos-Saratoga JHUSD won its first parcel tax election.

Sunnyvale – $59 for 7 years
With 69.6% Yes, Sunnyvale won its first parcel tax election.


Davis Joint Unified – $200 per parcel/$20 per dwelling for multi-unit dwelling for 2 years
Davis Joint Unified maintains perfect record with its ninth parcel tax measure victory.



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