May Parcel Tax Results

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With school districts facing uncertain funding, school boards are turning to local voters to provide some level of certain funding via parcel taxes. California is the only state that allows parcel taxes as a method of funding schools.

May Results

Santa Clara voters approved a $84 five year parcel tax with a 72% Yes vote.

Voters in Saratoga Union School District approved a $68 eight year parcel tax with a 69% Yes vote.

Moraga voters did not meet the 2/3 super-majority threshold needed to pass the $225 parcel tax that did not have a sunset date. Initial results showed a 64.5% Yes vote.

For 2012, five out of six parcel taxes have passed.

Upcoming June Parcel Tax Measures

Cotati-Rohnert Park Unified – $89/parcel 5 years – new
Jefferson Union High School – $48/parcel 4 years – third try in last two years
Hayward Unified – $58/parcel 5 years – new
New Haven Unified – $180/parcel 4 years – failed in 2011
Redwood City Elementary – $67/parcel 5 years – failed in 2009
Ross Valley School District – $458/parcel 8 years – replaces $309/parcel expiring in 2014
Santa Barbara Unified – $54/parcel 4 years – replaces $50/parcel expiring in 2013
Santa Cruz City Schools – $123/parcel 8 years – replaces $98/parcel expiring in 2013
Scotts Valley School Districts – $48/parcel 3 years – new
West Contra Costa Unified – 10.2 cents sq ft 5 years – replaces 7.2 cents sq ft expiring in 2014




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