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Parental Involvement Links

Reimagining Parental Engagement 

12 Things Parents Know About and Expect from Schools

10 Tips for better Parent-Teacher Conferences

9 Questions to Start a Parent-Teacher Partnership

Alameda PTA Council

PTA Parental Involvement Home Page Excellent resource with numerous links.

Staying Involved with Middle School and High School Students

California Parent Center homepage Excellent resource with numerous links.

Families First homepage

Ever wonder what teachers think about parents? Here is a rare glimpse into what teachers feel about parents.

Sports can be a significant part of young adult's life. In this handbook Sports Done Right, Core Principles are suggested for successful outcomes for children and parents.

Guide to Building a Community School

Education World Parental Involvement Curriculum Guide

Including Every Parent An introduction to a book for teachers.

National Coalition for Parental Involvement

Parental Resources

Keeping your child safe is the number one parental concern. The Safe Side is a great resource for parents.

Alamedans for Arts in the Schools

Here is a site designed to help children aged 11-15 explore career options as they enter middle school. Exploring Careers for Middle Schoolers

Pick a college that cares if your child graduates is the topic of this Washington Post article.

For parents or students are interested in finding a community college with specific programs or based on success criteria there is a web site that can help:Community Colleges.

Here is some advice on writing essays for the SAT in this Washington Post article.

Free detailed information on thousands of US colleges, universities, and post-secondary trade schools. School info includes admission requirements, degrees & majors, contact info, test scores, student diversity, religious affiliations, athletics, tuition expenses can be accessed via EdRef College Search Directory.

East Bay Coast Guard Spouses Club

For Families with Children with Special Needs

Recordings for the Blind & Dyslexic provides textbooks and other books

Parenting of Children with Special Needs

Internet Resources for Special Children

California Dept of Education - English Language Learners

English as Second Language

Multiple Intelligences

What is the value of self esteem in an educational setting? This Scientific American article contends that too much emphasis is placed on the importance of self esteem.

Here a some Frequently Asked Questions about Giftedness of your child. as well the "Seven Stupid Arguments Against Programs for the Gifted".

Here is a discussion on homework.