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BOE Meeting for June 14, 2005

1. Employee of the Month

Background: Each month the District honors employees. This month the District recognized were:

  • Maafi Gueye, Science Teacher, Alameda Community Learning Center
  • Nadine Pardini, Paraprofessional, SPED, Severely Handicapped, Preschool Program
  • Strategic Significance: Goal #12 - Communication and Community Engagement

    2. Recognition of Student Board Members

    Background: Student Board members are selected by student leadership and site administrators in a method to best represent the interests of students at that high school site. This year's Student Board members being recognized are:

  • Chistina Chen, Alameda High School
  • Katie Wonner, Encinal High School
  • Ruby Posadas, Encinal High School
  • Strategic Significance: Goal #12: Communication and Community Engagement

    3. Attendance Report

    Background: Average Daily Attendance (ADA) rates are direct factors linked to our general fund income. ADA is different from enrollment and represents the actual number of days a student attends school.

    For example, the following chart shows how missed days translates into the ADA percentage:

    • 100% = Perfect Attendance
    • 99.44% = One Day Missed in the School Year
    • 98.88% = Two Days Missed in the School Year
    • 98.33% = Three Days Missed in the School Year
    • 97.77% = Four Days Missed in the School Year
    • 97.22% = Five Days Missed in the School Year
    • 96.66% = Six Days Missed in the School Year
    • 96.11% = Seven Days Missed in the School Year
    • 95.55% = Eight Days Missed in the School Year
    • 95.00% = Nine Days Missed in the School Year
    • 94.44% = Ten Days Missed in the School Year

    The district loses approximately $35 per day when a student misses a school day. Five schools increased their ADA percentage for the 2004/05 year over one percent. The overall District ADA percentage declined .12% and translates into $50,000 in lost revenue compared to last year.

    Alameda PTA Council sponsored a Every Student Counts campaign when budget reductions were being discussed in February. The campaign was designed to increase awareness of the impacts of missed student days on AUSD finances and encourage student that every day in school is also a day to learn.

    Alameda PTA Council has announced three winners in its Every Student Counts Every Day drawing of students who had perfect attendance between February 1 and April 15. Elrick Dang, a 5th grader at Washington Elementary School; Anthony Chan, an 8th grader at Wood Middle School; and Wei Rey Xu, a senior at Island High School, will each receive a $50 gift certificate to Tomatina and a $50 gift certificate to the Jack London Cinema. The awards will be presented at the June 14 school board meeting. The gift certificates were donated by Harbor Bay Realty, Kane & Associates, and Windermere Properties of the East Bay. Congratulations to everyone who had perfect attendance or improved their attendance this year!

    Fiscal Implications: $50,000 in lost revenue compared to budgeted amount.

    Strategic Significance: Goal Goal #12: Communication and Community Engagement

    5. Recognition of Measure A Volunteers

    Background: Measure A for 2005 passed with a margin of 64 votes. Without the efforts of co-chairs Carla Greathouse, Rich Heaps and Ron Mooney, essential education programs would have been reduced.

    There were over 230 individuals that participated in the campaign efforts. Each one indiviudally and collectively made a differnce since the margin of victory was two Yes votes per precinct.

    Fiscal Implications: An additional $1,200,000 on top of renewing the underlying $1,800,000 of funds that was due to expire in 2006.

    Strategic Significance: Goal Goal #12: Communication and Community Engagement

    6. Report on Secondary Literacy Support Network (SLSN)

    Background: : The Secondary Literacy Support Network (SLSN) is a program of professional development designed by WestEd which focused on system and policy issues that student achievement in literacy.

    Staff gave an overview of the program.

    Strategic Significance: Goal #1 Curricular Focus & Effectivce Instruction and Goal #2 Staff Development

    7. Report on Bay Farm Southwest Airlines Video Award

    Background: Southwest Airlines sponsors a national video contest, "What's Your Destination?". Bay Farm is one of three nationwide winners of the "First Officer Award". Their second place video "Perspectives" was presented.

    Strategic Significance: Goal #9 - Student Involvement and Engagement

    8. Alameda Education Foundation (AEF) Annual Report

    Background: The Alameda Education Foundation works to support excellence within Alameda Unified School District. Their mission is to engage Alameda's citizenry, political, and business communities to create an exemplary public school system, thus ensuring Alameda's future economic vitality and unique quality of life. Their new tag line is: Investing Together for Our Schools & Future

    AEF presented their annual report with the following highlights:

      Adopt A Classroom - $44,000 Music Programs - $25,000 AP Class Prep Alameda High - $7,500 AP Class Prep Encinal High - $7,500 LEAPS After School Prgram - $7,500

    Fiscal Implications: Fiscal support to the District.

    Strategic Significance: Goal #12 - Communications and Community Involvement

    9. Tri-High Health Services Annual Report

    Background: AUSD and Tri-High School Health Services have had an ongoing partnership since 1993. The first site was located at Alameda High school with another office opening at Encinal High school in 1999.

    Tri High's operating budget of $515,000 is funded by various county health organization and receives in-kind space from AUSD.

    There were 1,422 visits from 7/1/03 to 3/31/04. While 76% of the clients were female, there was a young male usage of the Tri-High has increased from 15% to 24%.

    In partnership with UCSF, the Tri-High center has put together two student research teams of six students at Encinal and Alameda High Schools. In 2005 their research question was: "What causes you stress and how do you deal with it?". The two teams presented their finished reports to the Board.

    Strategic Significance: Goal #5 - Strategic Intervention and Support for At-Risk Students

    10. PUBLIC HEARING: Recommendation to Adopt the Proposed Calculus(P) Textbook

    Background: The textbook Calculus and Its Application was approved for adoption.

    Fiscal Implications: Materials are purchased from Instructional Materials Funding Realignment Program.

    Strategic Significance: Goal #1 - Curricular Coherence & Effective Instruction

    11. PUBLIC HEARING: Adoption of Core Literature Works for 6th Grade Language Arts Class

    Item Type: PH/Action (10 minutes)

    Background: The textbooks Walk Two Moons, The Outsiders and I Know Why the Caged Birds Sings were approved for adoption for core literature for the 6-8 grades.

    Fiscal Implications: Materials are purchased from Instructional Materials Funding Realignment Program.

    Strategic Significance: Goal #1 - Curricular Coherence & Effective Instruction

    12. Resolution No. 05-3973 Intent to Dismiss Classified Employee, California School Employees Association (CSEA) - Office/Technical Unit and Paraprofessional Unit

    Background: Due to lack of work and/or lack of funds, staff is recommended the elimination of two positions.

    • Accounting Technician, SELPA, 1.00 FTE
    • Media Center Paraprofessional, Bay Farm Elementary, .49 FTE

    The Board approved the recommendation.

    Fiscal Implications: Unknown

    Strategic Significance: Goal #3 - Staff Recruitment, Assignment and Retention



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