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Special Meeting Held on November 28, 2005


At the November 22 BOE meeting staff recommended two school consolidation scenarios. Both scenarios assumed that a new wing would be added at the new Woodstock site. Staff requested a special meeting be held to gain approval to negotiate with the builder about adding a new wing.

At the special meeting there were two recommendations presented. The first recommendation was to negotiate a change order for the pouring of a cement slab (estimated cost $375,000) for the new wing. The second recommendation was to go to bid (pending legal opinion for the need to) for construction of the new wing (estimated cost an additional $2.1 million). Both recommendations were approved with 3-1 vote. Member Gibson was absent and Member McMahon voted no, citing concerns about having to reverse the potential decision to close both Longfellow and Miller, if Harbor Island fills up with too many students.

If you are looking for the Board of Education meeting for November 28, 2006, click here.

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Last modified: November 29, 2005

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