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Norms for Sharing Work

Source: Coalition of Essential Schools

To create trust among those sharing their work for critique, many teachers begin by agreeing on clear norms of behavior within the group, which they post for reference during the discussion that follows. One group's norms read:

  • Give honest feedback, both supportive and more distanced.
  • Allow sufficient time to get to know the work.
  • Be specific; tie your feedback to the work, and refer to its place in the portfolio.
  • Presenter and participants may safely express their confusion, stress, or needs; be sensitive to them.
  • Keep comments within the room. If you don't say it to the presenter, don't say it.
  • Start with a question; check for understanding.
  • Use probing questions, not leading questions; don't jump to solutions.
  • Monitor your air time so others have equal chance to speak. Take time to listen.
  • Be flexible, balancing spontaneity with equal access to speak.
  • Debrief what was helpful or not in the feedback process.

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