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Design Process

LPA, Inc. is the architects working on the design aspects of the construction projects. Here is an overview of the proposed modernization methodology that could be used:

Needs Assessment and Educational Programming

A site design committee is formed to work LPA, Inc. The committee's goal is to establish a wish list of items to be improved on the campus. The focus is primarily on those elements that compromises to be made in educational program. This wish list is then documented in an educational design specification.

At the same time the site committe is meeting, the architects interviews the District's maintenance staff to identify key long-term maintenance needs such as painting, new roofing, plumbing and, mechnical and lighting upgrades. The team work also works with maintenace staff to pull together the existing as-built documents against the plans and create new base sheets.

When complete, the above materials become the basis for the initiation of the schematic design documents.

Schematic Design

Working again with the site design committee LPA indicates the design of the school facility modernization upon completion of the Educational Specifications needs assessment.

Budget goals are a prime determinant in the planning of a project. LPA works the District to adequately establish appropriate bedget amounts for each project.

Upon the completion of the schematic design phase and approval of the project by the District, LPA prepares a presentation for the Board of Education. The package presented includes the Educational Specifications, schematic design drawings, and cost estimate/project budget and phasing analsis.

Design Development

During the design development phase the project is given form, dimension, and scale. Materials and systems are also specified. Interior needs such as casework requirements, electrical and technology outlets, materials, finishes are discussed in relation to the functional needs of the space.

LPA also proposes to meet separately with maintenance and facilities staff in order to review District standards specifications. This ensures that items selected are in compliance with established District systems and creates an opportunity for equitable implemenation across the District.

At the conclusion of the design development phase LPA produces a record set of drawings and specifications for District review and comment. At this time, LPA has cost estimating consultant prepare a second project estimate to verify compliance with the previousily established budget.

Construction Documents

Recognizing the limitations of the open public low bidder process, LPA strives to produce a complete, concise set of construction plans and specifications. To assure that all information is included in the documents they share electronically. Communication and coordination among team members is essential to produce a quality bid package with minimum change order potential during construction.

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