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2014 Elections

General Election Date: November 4, 2014

Local Races Filing Information
Alameda City Clerk - Final Candidate List

Alameda County Registrar of Voter - Final Candidate List

Alameda Voting Patterns - Absentee Voting
Alameda Party Registration Numbers - 2014
Alamedan Candidate Videos
Ballot Position of Candidates
School Board Candidate Statements
Mayor and City Council Candidate Statements
Alameda City Campaign Finance Disclosure Site
LWV - Smart Voter Guide
School Board Candidate Forums

2014 Election Prediction Contest
2014 Mayor Race Analysis
Election Results for Local Races
Statewide Propositions November Election

Prior Election Coverage

Statewide Propositions - November Election

Statewide Propositions as August 17, 2014

 California Democratic Party Endorsements


Candidate Filing Information


Name Date Papers Pulled Date Papers Filed
Marie Gilmore 7/14/14 7/29/14
Leland Traiman 7/29/14 DNF
Trish Spencer 8/4/14 8/7/14

City Council - 2 positions available

Name Date Papers Pulled Date Papers Filed
Jim Oddie 7/14/14 7/31/14
Frank Matarrese 7/15/14 8/6/14
Stewart Chen 7/16/14 7/30/14

School Board - 2 Positions Available

Name Date Papers Pulled Date Papers Filed
Mike McMahon 7/14/14 7/29/14
Solana Henneberry 7/15/14 7/29/14
Leland Traiman 7/15/14 7/15/14 (withdrawn 7/30)
Gary Lym 8/1/14 8/13/14

Margie Sherratt did not seek reelection. Since she did not file by August 8th, the filing deadline was extended to August 13.

Hospital Board - 4 positions available (Three 4 year terms, a 2 year term)

Name Date Papers Pulled Date Papers Filed
Robert Deutsch 7/18/14 7/18/14
Kathyrn Duke (Short Term)* 7/18/14 8/5/14
Tracy Jensen 7/28/14 8/4/14
Lynn Bratchett 7/28/14 8/1/14
Jim Meyers 7/31/14 7/31/14
*Kathyrn Duke will fill the two year term since no one else filed.

BART Board District 4

Name Date Papers Pulled Date Papers Filed
Lena Tam 7/15/14 7/25/14
Robert Raburn 7/16/14 8/6/14
Jeffrey Haw 7/18/14 DNF
Larry Young 8/7/14 8/7/14

Ballot Position

On the 82nd day before an election, the Secretary of State conducts a random drawing of letters of the alphabet pursuant to California Elections Code section 13112. The resulting order of letters constitutes the "randomized alphabet" to be used for determining the order of candidates' names on the ballot.

This alphabet applies throughout the candidate's name, last name first, followed, if necessary, by first name, then middle name. If more than one candidate's last name begins with the same letter, proceed to the second letter and, if needed, the third, etc., until different letters appear in the same position. If the second letter of the last name differs, the second letter of the last name determines who appears first on the ballot, according to where the second letter of the name appears in the randomized alphabet. If the second letters are the same, proceed to the third letter, and so on. For example, if two candidates with the last names Campbell and Carlson are running for the same office, their order on the ballot will depend on the order in which the letters "M" and "R" were drawn in the randomized alphabet drawing.

Based on that randomized drawing, the ballots should like those listed below unless there is breakdown in communication like the one in 2004 that saw the City races listed incorrectly.

Mayor City Council School Board Hospital Board BART District 4
Trish Spencer Jim Oddie Solana Henneberry Tracy Jensen Robert Raburn
Marie Gilmore Stewart Chen Gary Lym Lynn Bratchett Lena Tam
Frank Matarrese Michael McMahon Jim Meyers Larry Young
Robert Deutsch

The accuracy is only as good as reading and ranking of the listing from the Secretary of State. If you believe there are errors please contact me.

Election Results

Mayor Pre Election VBM Ballots Ballot Box Votes Post Ballot Box VBMs Total Votes
Trish Spencer 3159 3617 3712 10488
Marie Gilmore 3194 3295 3879 10368
City Council Pre Election VBM Ballots Ballot Box Votes Post Ballot Box VBMs Total Votes
Jim Oddie 3218 3216 3797 10231
Frank Matarrese 3506 3692 3905 11103
Stewart Chen 2978 2800 3335 9113
School Board Pre Election VBM Ballots Ballot Box Votes Post Ballot Box VBMs Total Votes
Solana Henneberry 3549 3754 4141 11444
Gary Lym 2982 3035 3470 9397
Mike McMahon 2738 2421 2811 7970

School Board Candidate Forums/Endorsement Meetings Schedule




Monday, August 11th 12 noon Alameda Education Association 2027 Clement Avenue
Wednesday, August 13th, 7pm Alameda Democratic Club Alameda Hospital
Tuesday, August 19th, 8pm Alameda County Democratic UDC San Leandro
Monday, August 25th, 630pm CSEA 860 Lum School
Wednesday, August 27th, 8pm Alameda County Labor Council Oakland
Wednesday, September 17, 7-9pm Alameda Citizens Task Force Alameda Hospital, Room A
Saturday, September 20 Asian Pacific American Democratic Caucus of Alameda County Alameda Hospital
Saturday, September 20, 10am to 11am Alamedan Candidate Forum Maya Lin Elementary School
Thursday, October 16, 7-9pm Alameda League of Women Voters Mastick Center


Mayor/City Council Candidate Statements

Mayor In order as they appear on the ballot.

Trish Spencer
Occupation: Attorney, Community Volunteer, Environmental and Children’s Advocate, currently serving as Alameda Unified School District Board Member
My education and qualifications are: B.A. (Sociology), U.C. Berkeley; Juris Doctor, Western State University. Masters in Governance, CSBA. Former Co-Chair Alameda Collaborative (35+ organizations), Alameda PTA Council President, and Substitute Teacher. I have raised four children in Alameda. I am the voice of reason on Alameda’s school board, putting children first. Too many City leaders’ decisions are driven by special interests, ignoring citizens’ best interests. Thousands of new homes have been approved without addressing infrastructure and transportation needs. I collected signatures to protect our golf course and Crab Cove. I signed the ballot argument against SunCal. I rejected City leaders’ multi-million dollar land “swap” with AUSD, done secretly without appraisals to maximize developer profits over our children’s future. As mayor, I will chart a new course for Alameda, putting citizens first. I will work to ensure Alameda does its best to serve all residents: protect parklands and reasonable development (avoiding traffic gridlock and overcrowded schools); promote local business; attract new jobs; support schools; manage City’s budget; and, ensure fiscal transparency. I am a dedicated, compassionate, detail-oriented leader, welcoming public input. Together, we will tackle the quality of life issues and fiscal challenges facing us. The time is now! Thank you for your vote. www.TrishForMayor.com

Marie Gilmore
My education and qualifications are: I am running for re-election as Mayor to keep Alameda moving forward. Since I was elected Mayor, we’ve strengthened our city government and enhanced the quality of life for business owners, seniors, children and families. At City Hall, we’ve improved transparency and increased our budget reserve. We’ve worked with public safety personnel to address future pension costs. At no cost to Alameda taxpayers, we now control Alameda Point and planning is underway to transform it into one of our greatest economic development assets. We are planning and actively seeking funds for new parks and usable open space. Transportation challenges are being tackled head on. In the community, we’ve supported programs for seniors and preserved emergency room services at Alameda Hospital. We launched new events to promote Alameda-based producers and manufacturers. In the midst of the recession, we protected city-funded after school activities, youth sports and public library services. The library has implemented widely popular new reading programs and we continue to work with the school district to restore funding cuts from the state. I would be honored to earn your vote to continue as Mayor of Alameda. Together, we can keep Alameda moving forward.

City Council In order as they appear on the ballot.

Jim Oddie
Occupation: District Director for Assemblyman Rob Bonta
Age: 50
My education and qualifications are: I chose to raise a family here almost 20 years ago because of Alameda’s quality of life. During this time I’ve devoted myself to serving Alameda as a community volunteer and public servant. As district director for our local Assemblymember, my job is to help solve problems for East Bay residents. I served as Chair of Alameda’s Open Government Commission and as a member of Alameda Hospital’s Finance and Management Committee. I volunteered for Alameda’s public schools, where my children attended, including serving on a Parcel Tax Advisory Committee, and for my homeowners association. As an attorney and CPA I know how to balance budgets and help individuals and organizations make informed and prudent decisions. I am running for City Council to continue to make Alameda a special place for families, seniors and working people. I want to keep Alameda a safe place for generations of families to live. We need to continue providing excellent schools and high quality police and fire protection. We need to expand recreational opportunities and protect open space. We need to ensure Alameda Point and other underutilized properties are planned sensibly, focusing on attracting innovative new employers. I would be honored to earn your vote.

Stewart Chen
Occupation: Alameda City Council member/Doctor of Chiropractic
My education and qualifications are: As a healthcare provider and community volunteer, I have always believed in helping people by working together. As your City Council member, I have worked with the Mayor, my colleagues and countless members of the community to earn real achievements for Alameda. We recently earned an AA+ credit rating, saving the City millions in bond refinancing. We have also successfully renegotiated pension contributions with out public employees. We have collaborated with AUSD to maintain city services for our students and the public, including the access to public swimming pools. We continue to keep police and fire staffing levels strong. I have worked hard to protect parks and open space, helping secure grant funding for Jean Sweeney Park, and I continue to advocate for adequate parks and open space at Alameda Point. Together, I believe we can continue this progress in the coming years and achieve significant results in local job creation, recreational opportunities, the quality of our schools and new solutions to traffic problems. I have over 13 years of experience serving Alameda on the Social Services Human Relations Board, Alameda Healthcare District Board, and City Council. It would be an honor to continue serving your on the City Council. Stewartchen.org

Frank Matarrese
Occupation: Consultant/Alameda Business Owner
Age: 59
My education and qualifications are: As your councilman my priorities will be to keep Alameda thriving and funded by a sound budget. I will work with our schools, the park district and local agencies to pool resources to benefit Alameda. I will push for creating jobs and open space at Alameda Point. I was privileged to serve as your Councilman from 2002-2010. I was a leader in efforts to build a new Main Library, to restore the Alameda Theater and to improve Webster Street. I proposed the Fiscal Sustainability Committee to address budget shortfalls. Because open government is vital, I held town hall meetings, listened to your concerns and kept you informed. I am offering my experience to find solutions to the serious challenges Alameda faces. I will focus on commercial uses and establishing parklands at Alameda Point. I will work for sensible limits on residential development and to find ways to untangle traffic. With dwindling City reserves, I am prepared to make the forward thinking decisions needed for a structurally sound budget. I will use every available opportunity to maintain essential city services. I will keep you informed. I will listen and lead. Your consideration and vote are appreciated.

School Board Candidate Statements

Solana Henneberry
Occupation: Teacher
My education and qualifications are: As a teacher with over a decade of experience and as a parent of three who attend Alameda schools I know firsthand the importance of continuing and building on our successes in Alameda. I am running for School Board to ensure that we continue to foster bright ideas while incorporating a 21st Century learning style as part of our curriculum. We must prepare our students for the ever changing challenges of tomorrow. I understand the myriad of issues facing students and teachers and I want to make sure that our District works even harder and smarter to ensure that every student is either equipped to enter college or the workforce. I believe my experience working with school site budgets in collaboration with parents, teachers and administrators also provides me with additional experience to better understand how to invest our precious resources. My experiences has taught me the importance of listening to all sides of an issue before making decisions. I am proud to live here in Alameda and I want to make sure that our schools remains strong and grow even stronger. I would be humbled to have your vote. For more information, please visit www.solanaforschools.com

Gary Lym
Occupation: AUSD Parent, Retired Accounting Professor, Co-founder and Director of Alameda Non-profit Basketball Club
My education and qualifications are: As a lifelong resident of Alameda, I attended Otis, Lincoln, Alameda High (AHS) and Encinal High (EHS), followed by Accounting, Finance and Business degrees from U.C. Berkeley and Arizona State University. My commitment to Alameda schools stems from my experience in public education and understanding how public education can benefit our children and community. I volunteer at my son's schools to support our dedicated teachers and administrators, including as a Math tutor. I have served on the School Site Council for Bay Farm, Lincoln (Chairperson), AHS (Chairperson) and EHS. I understand the importance of allocating our limited resources to maximize student success. Let's bring the same budget clarity to the School Board. Let's base decisions on, "How does benefit our students?" I am a demonstrated leader for the Community of Harbor Bay Isle and co-founding Managing Director of Alameda Vipers Basketball Club. Since inception 4 years ago, the Viper organization has grown to 17 teams, providing year round basketball opportunities for Alameda youth. Support me to meet the challenge of providing our children with the highest quality education. No child can afford a lost year. I respectfully as for your vote. www.gary4alamedakids.com

Michael McMahon
Occupation: Alameda Unified School District Trustee
Age: 59
My education and qualifications are: I ask for your support that I may continue to use my expertise and experience to serve the educational needs of Alameda's children, youth and adults. As a school board member for the past twelve years, I have learned the complexities of overseeing our school district and understand the process of making sound decisions. As an Alameda resident for 34 years, I understand the community's educational history, have been involved in many of its organizations, and have experienced the positive effects that our quality educational system provided for my son, and two daughters, all of whom graduated from Alameda public schools. With four grandchildren about to or attending Alameda public schools, I am committed to Alameda's ongoing public education success. I pledge to maintain an open dialog with all of our community members through my website: www.mikemcmahon.info I commit my energy and ability to insure the best possible educational outcomes for Alameda 's children, youth and adults.


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