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AUSD Vision

August, 2010

The development of a Vision and Mission for a school district can take many paths. In some cases, the Board can adopt a vision of the Superintendent. In June, 2009 the Board of Education along with Superintendent Vital developed a Vision, Mission and set of Guiding Principles. The Guiding Principles were revised in August, 2010. In 2010, the Board of Education approved the Superintendent's Master Plan.

Alameda Unified School District Vision

We believe that our diverse community of students, given a rigorous academic program in an inclusive, safe and secure environment, will be prepared to be responsible citizens.

Alameda Unified School District Mission

AUSD will effectively use our limited resources to ensure that every student succeeds.

Alameda Unified School District Guiding Principles

  1. All students have the ability to achieve academic and personal success.
  2. Teachers must challenge and support all students to reach their highest academic and personal potential.
  3. Administrators must have the knowledge, leadership skills and ability to ensure all students succeed.
  4. Parental involvement and community engagement are integral to the success of  all students.
  5. Accountability, transparency and trust are necessary at all levels of the organization.
  6. Allocation of funds must support our vision, mission and guiding principles.

In 2006, the prior superintendent released a document identifying her role as Superintendent and her Vision for the District.


The Superintendent serves as the professional advisor to the Board. She is responsible for implementing all decisions made by the Board of Education, and for demonstrating effective leadership in the following areas: District's day-to-day operations, fiscal responsibility and management, the achievement of the District's vision, all other District matters, including working with the City, County, State, and Community.


Alameda Unified School District creates a system that enables every student - including those with diverse needs - to meet or exceed our rigorous standards for academic performance and success. All students will discover and develop their special talents, achieve their highest potential, and obtain their educational and career goals. We are individually and collectively responsible (AUSD can and will) for eliminating the racial predictability of which student populations occupy the highest and lowest achievement categories. All students will develop the, knowledge, skills, behaviors, character and habits needed to be effective, productive, confident and contributing members to our global community.

Framework of Action to Achieve the Superintendent's Vision

Prior Superintendent's Goals of the District

June, 2006

  • Narrow and close the achievement gap in English Language Arts and Mathematics between our lowest performing students (African Americans, Latino and English learners, and Special Education students) and our highest performing students
  • Align the spending plan with educational objectives while ensuring the highest and best use of limited resources and long-term solvency
  • Ensure all students will be in educational environments that are safe and conducive to learning
  • Recruit and retain highly qualified and diverse staff and provide systems of support for and recognition of all employees


All people can learn and every person has value

It takes a whole community to raise a child

All students have the right to equal access to quality teaching and learning in order to have equitable outcomes

Individuals are accountable and responsible for their behavior

Respect for self and others is essential to our interactions and relationships

Diversity enriches and strengthens our lives

We must work collaboratively to create and maintain a learning community focused on equity and the continuous improvement of the teaching and learning process and environment






  • All students must have equitable opportunities to learn
  • All students must have support to reach their highest academic potential
  • All students must be provided safe, engaging and challenging learning environments
  • All discipline action will fit the offense and will be progressive behavior is learned and we are in the business of teaching
  • Students should be involved in setting goals and making decisions about their learning needs and their plans for involving their future


  • Decisions are aligned with our vision to have all students achieve at high levels while closing the achievement gap
  • Effective decisions by a group include dialogue and/or discussion before a decision is made. Decisions are always made in the best interest of our students
  • Decisions are made to maximize learning in a safe environment for all students
  • Decisions will be made at the lowest level possible
  • Decisions must be based on a sound rationale that is data based
  • Decisions need to be implemented/evaluated and adjusted based on data
  • All administrators will be held accountable for implementing district decisions
  • Complaints/concerns will be addressed at the lowest level including complaints about books, supplies, and safety
  • The Superintendent has the responsibility to make a decision when a consensus cannot be reached as well as the right to make a decision without consensus


  • The school district parents/guardians, students and community are partners in ensuring the safety and academic success of all students
  • As partners, we respect and embrace the diversity within our community and will reach out to include all voices from our schools (parent/student groups, school site councils) and community partners to ensure all students are successful in reaching their highest academic potential
  • Parents/guardians and their students should be involved in setting goals and making decisions about the learning needs and plans involving their student´┐Żs future
  • As partners, we work together to ensure the safety and academic achievement of all our students
  • As partners, we must continuously assess the perceptions of our parents, students and community in regards to the services AUSD delivers
  • The ultimate evaluation of AUSD (individually and collectively) will be based on how well our students perform academically


  • All expenditures of funds/resources must be aligned to our vision to have all students achieve at high levels while closing the achievement gap
  • All resources must be expended to ensure/establish an equitable educational system
  • Fiscal resources are to be expended to benefit the most students
  • Funds need to be expended within a plan that has a long-term effect on students achievement and capital improvements to benefit students
  • All programs must be evaluated using data to determine if they are moving toward our vision to have all students achieve at high levels while closing the achievement gap


  • All employees must be supported, coached and evaluated on a regular basis
  • Evaluation for all employees will be respectfully based on improving performance
  • All site administrators must demonstrate instructional leadership in the areas of assessing effective instructional practices, building collaborative relationships and learning communities as well as coaching staff to support improved academic achievement for all students
  • All central office administrators will support site administrators in accomplishing the district vision to have all students achieve at high levels while closing the achievement gap


  • AUSD will develop and implement a plan to have the work force represent the diversity of our student body
  • Our recruitment goal is to continue to obtain the most qualified staff at all levels
  • Our commitment is to retain our high quality staff by providing respect, equitable support and opportunities for professional growth

In support of this vision, the Management Team adopted Meeting Norms.

The prior Superintendent used this research paper to support her theory of action on implementing the vision. The research paper focuses on District Improvement practices.

During 2006/07 school year, the Superintendent conducted a series of "coffees" to allow employees and parents to express their opinions about improving Alameda Unified School District. At the end of the year, the Superintendent issued her impressions of the 2006-07 school year.

The Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services delivered a presentation on her Vision for English learners at February, 2007 District English Learner Advisory Committee meeting.


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